Business Opportunities

True802™ recognizes the value of business relationships that will provide a win-win solution to all parties. These plans were tailored to assist entrepreneurs, business owners or communities generate revenue. Depending on the level of commitment desired, we can accommodate your needs.

Channel Partner

As a channel partner, True 802 Wireless provides experience based services that enable competitive deployments at affordable pricing. We provide our Channel
Partner’s back-office support to minimize capital investments. The Channel Partnership program provides licensing rights to the True802™ brand name and access to the intellectual property that goes along with it. If you are a start-up or existing independent operator, then there is no reason to go it alone. Join the True802™ Channel Partnership team, today!

Municipal Utility/Co-Op Program

Many communities are taking connectivity matters into their own hands by setting up municipal-run broadband utilities or cooperatives. True 802 Wireless can provide full turn-key solutions, which includes engineering, construction, operations and maintenance of local government sponsored networks. This customized program allows communities to take advantage of True 802's expertise and strategic partnerships while passing major cost savings onto residents and businesses.

MDU Program

ATTENTION: Apartment Complex Owners/Managers!
Many multi-dwelling units do not provide high-speed internet services due to a lack of service provider options. The MDU program was created to allow owners/managers to offer the service as a value-added feature for your tenants. We can tailor the relationship specific to your needs.

Micro-ISP Program

As an entrepreneur and you would like to offer service under your own name brand, this program was designed to provide you with back-office support under your company name!

Hotspot/Hotel Program

If you are interested in offering high speed internet access to your clientele, we can setup high speed internet service at your location.

Referral Program

Generate revenue by submitting leads. If you do not have any time to commit, we can run with the lead and if successful, you will benefit!