Terms and Conditions


  1. May vary based on internet loading and distance from our transmitter sites and amount of simultaneous computers online from YOUR account.
  2. Not available in all areas.
  3. All Plans are UNLIMITED usage.


The installation fee includes the installation of the electronics (CPE), antenna, coaxial cable, cat5 cable and no more than a 5’ mount. If additional hardware is required such as a long pipe heavy duty mount and/or a tower, the customer is responsible for the installation and expense of this hardware.


  1. Upon installation, the 1st month and installation fee are payable by cash or cheque to the Technician.
  2. The 2nd bill will be prorated based upon the installation date to align with True802`s billing cycle which is the 1st of every month.
  3. All bills are emailed upon request. IF a paper copy is requested by mail, a fee of $3.00 plus HST applies.
  4. Customer will be responsible for payment of the amount of the full term of the agreement if cancelled before the service anniversary date.
  5. Customer agrees to provide a valid credit card which will remain on file and active for the duration of the service. In the event of non-payment, Customer authorizes True802 to charge the card for the balance owing if later than 45 days overdue from the billing date.
  6. If Customer terminates the service prior to the end of the signed service agreement, Customer authorizes True802 to charge the credit card on file for the balance of the service contract.
  7. If service is terminated, the Customer must return all equipment to True802 the day of termination. If the equipment is not returned, the Customer authorizes True802 to charge the credit card on file for an amount of up to $500.00.
  8. If the Customer requests True802 to pick up the equipment after termination of the service, a $75.00 plus HST will apply.


All advertised rates/speeds are provided on a best effort basis up to the maximum rate/speed offered for your selected package. We reserve the right to terminate or limit the connection if we deem the usage excessive or inappropriate. By signing the order form, I confirm that the information I have provided to True 802 Wireless, Inc. is true to the best of my knowledge and that I am 18 years of age or older.