Terms & Conditions
The installation fee includes the installation of the electronics (CPE), antenna, cat5 cable and no more than a 5’ mount. If additional hardware is required such as a long pipe, heavy duty mount and/or a tower, the customer is responsible for the installation and expense of this hardware.
1. The 1st bill will be prorated based upon the installation date to align with True802 Wireless`s billing cycle which is the last day of every month and will include the Installation Fee.
2. All bills are emailed to the email address provided at sign-up. IF a paper copy is requested by mail, a fee of $3.00 plus HST applies.
3. If service is terminated, the Customer must return all equipment to True802 Wireless within 30 days of termination or arrange pick-up of equipment with True802 Wireless.
4. Seasonal Service- For seasonal service, the customer can call or email True802 to suspended service for the required period (for a maximum of 5 months) as of the date provided by the customer at no charge and follow the same procedure to reactivate the service at anytime at $25.00 reconnection charge. Any credit issued for unused service will be applied to the next seasons service. (I.E If service is suspended Oct 15/2020 until April 15/2021 of the respective credit from the remaining days in October would be applied to the first bill in April.)
All advertised rates/speeds are provided on a best effort basis up to the maximum rate/speed offered for your selected package. By signing the order form, I confirm that the information I have provided to True802 Wireless, Inc. is true to the best of my knowledge and that I am 18 years of age or older.